Skeleton Key is a puzzle game where you play as Skukk the Skeleton Prince and sacrifice your bones to open doors and pull levers. The goal of the game is to reach your grave to finally rest your weary bones.

My contributions to this game:

  • I designed the pen and paper drawing for the second level.

  • Pitched different Ideas

  • blocked out the second level

  • Help make some adjustments to level 1 to give it height

  • meshed out levels 1 and 2

  • Made some simple art

  • Made some simple music

  • Helped create a basic trailer

This game was made in Unity.

Made by a team of four, this game for Ludum Dare is now playable! You can download it here:

This was a fun project to do for Ludum Dare, looking back on it I would have focused on teaching the player how to play the game and not have worked in unity due to only one person on our team knew how to use the engine properly.

The Twitters of the other people who worked on this project:

Calum -

Xaunders -

Chicken1313 -